Odia Essay are type of content which is written on a single subject or you can say topic. In Odisha in the time of any festivals, special functions in school, colleges and various institutions are organized Odia essay and debate competitions.

An odia essay is, generally, a piece of writing that gives the writer’s own judgement, but the definition is not clear, overlapping with those of a letter and a precise story.

What is an Odia Essay ?

Normally Essays have traditionally been divided in to two types.

  • Formal
  • Informal.

Formal type of essays are defined by “thoughtful purpose, sober, meaningful, sometimes lengthy,” other side the informal essay is defined as “the personal thing (self-feelings, personal thinking and experiences, personal message), humor, jokes” etc.

An odia essay is focused on a piece of writing designed to inform or good reason to believe. There are so many various types of odia essays, but they are very often defined in four different sub categories:

| Argumentative,
| Expository,
| Narrative,
| Descriptive essays.

How Odia Essays Enhance Language Skill

The odia Language is becoming more and more common in the Odisha. Thus, the Importance of odia Language and Essay will help you understand all about it. Naturally the people of Odisha have to learn and to learn more about odia to stand by its religion and culture. Through odia essays here is our one effort to help you all to achieve what you want.

Why Essays in Odia are Important

If we will explain the background or history of odisha we have to choose topic to write an essay, or give a story from the past of odisha, then we can grab a topic. Here are some essay topic to reach the reader’s expectation. From the school going children to comitative aspirants. Explain what is your topic today.

Compare the past with the present. Explain your topic with this section of odia essay and hope you got the best you want.

Who writes Essay

Odia Essays are important for below mentioned categories.

  1. School Students
  2. College Students
  3. Entrance Aspirants
  4. Passionate writers/Authors

List of Essay in Odia

| Ama Gaan ( ଆମ ଗାଁ )

| Tuma Piladina (ତୁମ ପିଲାଦିନ)

| Nai Badhi ( ନଈ ବଢି )

| Gan Ambatota ( ଗାଁ ଆମ୍ବତୋଟା )

| Dushera Chhuti ( ଦଶହରା ଛୁଟି )

| Corona Virus ( କରୋନା )

| Mahatma Gandhi ( ମହାତ୍ମା ଗାନ୍ଧୀ )

| Essay on Israel (ଇସ୍ରାଏଲ )

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